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Château De Berne – Paradise in the middle of the Provence forest

Almost a year ago we drove from the La Londe area at the Côte d'Azur inland towards the mountains to visit a fairytale-like destination - Château De Berne. You drive a small winding road up a hill surrounded by forest. At one point the forest clears and you are in the middle of vines overseeing a castle from the 18th century. On arrival you immediately smell the Provençal herbs and pines… let the relaxing begin! 

Visiting this world-renowned winery and vineyard you will quickly get a taste for the Provençal luxury retreat! Treat yourself to a stay in their 5-star hotel with spa or tempt your palette at their 1 Star Michelin Gourmet Restaurant.

Besides enjoying these fantastic facilities, we were at Berne for a mission: Exploring and tasting the Château De Berne Rosés and evaluate them for our Premium Rosé Portfolio. 

Over an area of 121 hectares, the vineyard is located on a Triassic plateau which rests on a Jurassic limestone bed. The domain is sheltered by 500 hectares of forests. The climate is different to the coast area of the Provence. This specific continental climate produces hot, dry summers and cold winters. With 3,000 hours/year of sunlight, annual rainfall between 600 and 800 mm and around 50 windy days per year (winds over 50 km/h). The cool nights in the so called “Haut-Var” region provide optimum conditions for the grapes to ripen slowly in comparison to the mild nights and mild winters of the coastal areas. While the Rosé crop takes longer to reach maturity, it produces well-structured wines with a clear finish, which are particularly well-suited to accompanying contemporary cuisine.

Alexis Cornu, the head winemaker of Château De Berne uses modern techniques at the service of pure tradition to create some of the most delicious Rosés in the world. With experience from Provence icons like Château de Pibarnon in Bandol, he learned the art of Rosé making and brought it here to the next level! 

We are happy to offer the entire range of Château De Berne in our Rosé Portfolio. There is a Berne Rosé for every occasion! For example, the Château De Berne Esprit that is perfect for a summer afternoon at the pool or on your balcony. For dinner: Château De Berne Black Label Rosé which matured for 3 months in French oak barrels and is the perfect pair for grilled dark meats like lamb or beef roasts.

Check out our helpful quick summary guide of the Château De Berne Rosés.

For additional information click on the names: 


- Château de Berne Esprit Méditerranée Rosé: Fruit flavors, like grapefruit and peach while still enjoying a crisp dry wine.

- Château de Berne Romance Rosé: Aromas of freshly picked and chopped fruits, very ripe peach and strawberry flavors, of course dry.

- Château de Berne Emotion Rosé: Beautifully floral on the nose, a lot of tree blossom, fruit notes like pear and blood orange.

- Château de Berne Inspiration Rosé: Floral, clean, fresh berries first then followed by fresh herbs and flowers – like walking through a Provence lavender field on an early summer morning.

- Château de Berne Rosé (Black Label): Flavors of classic Provençal herbs such as rosemary, sage and lavender, leading to strawberry notes and a touch of black cherry.


Enjoy a delicious Château de Berne Rosé and you will feel instantly transported to the beautiful Provence Castle relaxing poolside!




Chateau de Berne - Rose Tasting

Chateau de Berne

Chateau de Berne - Julian Club Lavender

Chateau de Berne Cellar

Chateau de Berne - Julian Club Lavender


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