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Why does my favorite holiday Rosé taste different back home?

Everybody knows this situation: Somewhere in the Mediterranean, sun is shining, you feel the ocean breeze, the air smells salty and like pines and you drink a delicious Rosé… Life is perfect!

You want to relive this moment later at home with a sip of your favorite holiday Rosé, so you buy a case. But something is different? The Rosé just doesn’t taste the same at home…

Here’s our guide on how to enjoy a bottle and revive that instant summer vacation feeling:

Most important is to create an atmosphere that is close to your holiday Rosé experience. We can’t magically transport the beach and sun to our terrace or balcony, that’s why we concentrate on the rest, the smells, aromas and noises:

  • Did you drink your Rosé on a relaxed afternoon at the pool or at the beach? Take a little bit of that same sunscreen you used there and put it on your arms. Take a sip of the Rosé now and close your eyes… it works!
  • Did you smell a freshly grilled Dorade while sipping at your Rosé? Well, that’s an easy one… you know what’s for dinner today.
  • Did you smell the herbs and pines while overseeing the coast of the French Rivera? Buy some Rosmarin, Thyme and Sage plants for your living your, rub some of these herbs between your fingers, take a sip of your Rosé et voilà…
  • Did you go to a winery to taste your favorite Rosé in the holy halls where it is made? Did they serve you maybe some Cheese or Salami? First of all: Huge mistake! Never do a tasting and eat strong flavors like cheese. The only thing allowed to eat while at a tasting is white bread like baguette. If you taste a wine with cheese it will instantly taste different. But if it happened… go get some of that cheese for at home as well!
  • You really loved these easy going house music tunes while relaxing at the beach club on Ibiza with your bottle of Rosé? No problemo, we added some of the best Summer House Music Mixes for you to listen at home underneath. Fill up your glass and enjoy your Rosé Summer Feeling!
  • You like it a little bit more chilled, no music just the ocean waves. We got you covered. Check out the video underneath! 

Each recommendation above also works in combination with each other.

Enjoy your Summer in a bottle anywhere and anytime!






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