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Club Lavender Top 6 of 2021

Club Lavender Top 6 of the year 2021

At Club Lavender we live for Rosé! We love to taste the new Rosés each season when considering which ones will be added to our growing portfolio. Making sure we offer our clients only the best Rosés in the world.

Our passion for Rosé or as we sometimes call it „Summer in a Bottle“ is what we want to share with you. That’s why this year we are launching an exclusive Top 6 list of our Rosé favorites of the year.

The Rosés included in this list are not in any specific order, as we love them all equally! Also important to mention is that besides the great Rosés we are also big fans of the people making these delicious wines and we are happy to have them as our beloved partners!


UP Ultimate Provence Rosé 

The name of this Rosé says it all: This is 100% Provence perfection! We love the bottle shape and we love the wine even more. You smell and taste fruity aromas like Raspberry and white floral notes. On the palate, the intense fruit is supported by a mineral freshness, accentuated by spicy hints of white pepper and a sense of light creaminess. One of our all-time Favorites.

UP Ultimate Provence Rosé

Click here to learn more: UP Ultimate Provence Rosé


Château Favori Provence Rosé

New in our Portfolio and we love it a lot! This Rosé has a little bit more power while still being fresh and light. You can smell persuasive notes of spring flowers and delicate red fruits like strawberry, raspberry and cherry. In your mouth a frank and fresh attack, floral with elegant fruit flavors again and with some finely peppery tones. A Rosé with a beautiful structure, balanced with a long luxurious finish that makes you want to have another sip instantly.

Chateau Favori Rosé

Click here to learn more: Château Favori Provence Rosé


Château Sainte Marguerite - Symphonie Rosé BIO

The Château Sainte Marguerite is a family owned jewel in the Provence. Located directly at the coast you can taste the happiness of the grapes! This "Symphonie Rosé" delivers fine scents of strawberries, red cherries and delicate herbs of Provence and a little Vanilla without ever having touched a wooden barrel. On the palate there is a fruity juicy play with subtle mineral acidity and a phenomenal finish.

Chateau Sainte Marguerite Symphonie Rosé

Click here to learn more: Château Sainte Marguerite - Symphonie 


Château Léoube - Secret de Léoube BIO

The whole Rosé range of Léoube is delicious but our favorite is the Secret de Léoube. This Rosé is so fine with the most delicate pear scents, elegant, multi-layered and with a mineral depth like hardly any other Rosé. Delicious aromas that show its Provençal origins – herbs, fennel, a touch of aniseed. It is finely textured (Thanks to the Cabernet Sauvignon), persistent and warming. Above all, there is a freshness, a hint of white pepper, which balances the fruit on the palate, ensuring a dry, mouthwatering finish.

Secret de Léoube Rosé

Click here to learn more: Secret de Léoube


Château d'Or et de Gueules - Parle à mon fût Rosé BIO

This Rosé is different and we are huge fans! The fermentation for this characterful Rosé happens in French oak barrels with an aging in concrete tanks. (Usually if there if wood involved it’s the other way around: fermenting in tanks aging in wooden barrels.) The result is a dynamic Rosé where you can't really taste the wood due to its elegant integration. However, this Rosé has a great body from the flavorful Syrah grapes. 

Parle a mon fut Rosé

Click here to learn more: Parle à mon fût Rosé


Château Pas Du Cerf - Diane Rosé BIO 

This Château is magical and so is the Diane Rosé! Fresh, fine, delicate and feminine, revealing beautiful fresh fruit and an iodine touch. In your mouth a supple and silky wine, perfectly underlined by a light acidity. Intense aromas of grapefruit and fresh fruit give this precise and caressing wine a superb finish. 

Chateau Pas Du Cerf - Diane Rosé

Click here to learn more: Château Pas Du Cerf - Diane Rosé


Here is a discovery box containing all our CL Top 6 of 2021: Click here

Club Lavender Top 6 Discovery Box



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