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Club Lavender Top 6

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Club Lavender Top 6 - 2024

At Club Lavender we love Rosé! :-)

Every year we taste hundreds of Rosés. Our mission is to find the best pink elixir made from the best grapes in the world. 

With over 100 carefully selected Rosés in the Club Lavender assortment, we wanted to spotlight our favorites. This inspired us to start our exclusive Top 6 list of our Rosé favorites each season.

The Rosés included in our list are not in any specific order, as we love them all equally! Also important to mention, in addition to the great wines, we are also big fans of the people making these delicious wines. We are proud to have them as close partners!

This box contains 6 bottles, each 0.75 l. 


Domaine de La Périnade - La Cuvée Renaissance Rosé

Domaine de La Périnade is a family winery in the 7th generation. Located 10 km west of Carcassonne, the vineyard benefits from a Mediterranean climate with an oceanic influence.

The Périnade signature style is that there is only one grape varietal in their Rosé - 100 % Grenache. With this Rosé you can taste perfectly the delicious profile of Grenache combined with the unique terroir. 

Referenced by the Culinary College of France and rewarded with the quality producer and artisan label the Domaine stands for the commitment and passion.

This light Rosé has aromas of red berries and melon. In your mouth you get long and fresh flavors, thirst-quenching with a nice creaminess linked to aging on lees. 

More information to this wine, click here: Domaine de La Périnade


Eau de Provence Rosé

Introducing Eau de Provence, a modern luxury wine that seamlessly blends the realms of fashion, fragrance and wine. It pays homage to the founders’ expertise, united by a shared vision to pioneer a new era of Rosé, that harmoniously intertwines these different worlds, crafting an unparalleled sensory experience. 

Meticulously fashioned in the heart of Provence near the iconic St. Tropez on the French Riviera from the finest vineyards. This Rosé is curated for epicurean pleasure seekers, offering a refined and sophisticated experience.

Harnessing the artistry of perfumery using Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault to create the perfect blend for this Rosé:

Top note: citrus rind, set against an aristocratic tropical bouquet.

Base note: ocean breeze meets wild pine, warmed with the delicate spice of provencal herbs.

Heart note: stone fruit, fresh vine peaches, intermingled with ripe, succulent apricot and pineapple

The taste: smooth, fresh, creamy, full bodied, beautiful fruit complexity

More information to this wine, click here: Eau de Provence


Gstaad Guy - Palais Constance Rosé 

Palais Constancifothe connoisseur, it ifothe person whdemands excellence - in every category of their lives. "Those who know, just know"

Each bottle of Palais Constance Rosé is a tribute to the art of winemaking and the natural beauty of Provence. It is made from AOP Côtes de Provence grapes grown on a single estate, carefully chosen from vines between 20 and 60 years old on a 400-year-old property. The varying soil types, elevations, and sun exposure on the estate allows to cultivate five different grape varieties used in Palais Constance Rosé.

Palais Constance Rosé is produced using the High Environmental Value (HVE) model, as they believe it is important to leave the environment in a better state for future generations, than how it was inherited.

At the winery, state-of-the-art wine making technology called ‘tri-optique’ is used which analyses each grape using lasers and cameras to ensure only the best grapes are selected.

This Rosé has aromas of fresh peach, grapefruit and exotic fruit with a touch of spice. The palate starts off silky then becomes robust, however still elegant and light and consistent with spicy Provencal perfumes. Delicious and truly excellent! 

More information to this wine, click here: Gstaad Guy - Palais Constance Rosé 

Maison Sainte Marguerite - Cru Classé

This Rosé was formerly known as  Cuvée "Symphonie".

One of the few Provence Rosés that can call themselves a "Cru Classé". This Rosé is rare to find as most of it never leaves France where it gets served in many 2 and 3 star restaurants. This Rosé delivers fine scents of flowers, white peaches, gage, hints of aniseed and a little Vanilla without ever having touched a wooden barrel. On the palate there is a fruity juicy play with subtle mineral acidity and a phenomenal grapefruit zest finish. Delicious!

More information to this wine, click here: Maison Sainte Marguerite


Domaine de la Croix - Éloge - Cru Classé Rosé

Located in the heart of the Provence on the Saint-Tropez Peninsula, Domaine de la Croix is nestled in a setting of lush Mediterranean vegetation. The winery is an authentic getaway in a gourmet, romantic and wild Provence, where the sweetness of life is like no other. As a bonus: the heavenly landscapes of the Saint-Tropez peninsula, its wide-screen views of a sea with turquoise reflections and its white beaches…

With this beautiful Provence Rosé, where the vines are touching the beaches you get a beautiful harmony of subtle fruit aromas with a gastronomic minerality that reminds you of the salt in the Mediterranean Sea.

You can smell red berries and peach. In your mouth you lively fruit aromas that are accompanied of a sensational gourmet minerality that is reflecting the terroir.

This Rosé pairs very well with salt-baked sea bream but also to sweet desserts like melon or strawberry sorbet.

More information to this wine, click here: Domaine de la Croix - Éloge - Cru Classé Rosé


Château Favori - Méditerranée Rosé BIO

Imagine you are sitting on the Favori Sailboat sailing to all the most beautiful beaches of the French Riviera from Cannes to Saint Tropez and sipping this amazing Rosé...

This Favori Rosé smells beautifully like the Provence: light, fresh, fruity, floral and dry with a fresh mediterranean breeze. Lively on the palate with a mineral depth that is exceptional. This Rosé keeps you deliciously refreshed on the sailboat and later at home on your terrace or Balcony! 

More information to this wine, click here: Château Favori - Méditerranée Rosé

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