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Introducing Club Lavender!

Rosé is synonymous with summer, friendship and party like no other drink in the world! Wouldn’t it be great to experience this feeling all year long no matter which season it is or in which country you live? Open up a bottle and drink in that summer feeling!

Rosé is not a seasonal; it’s all the time and everywhere! 

At Club Lavender we carefully select the best Rosé Wines and Rosé Bubbles in the world. We want you to experience that feeling of a warm Mediterranean summer evening all year long. Club Lavender stands for quality and fun! Gift yourself today and escape to that Rosé dream vacation!

Stay Tuned for Club Lavender Events…

Celebrate Rosé Wines with the best DJs! We are planning parties in selected European destinations in the upcoming months. Join our club today to receive special discounts and access to the events. 

Welcome to Club Lavender!

Julian (founder)



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