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What is a good Rosé?

Over the last years I have had many conversations around the topic of “Good Wine”. What is good wine? Is it a quality question? Is it personal preference? Is French wine always the best? The answer is: It depends! :-)

There are vast quality differences when it comes to wine. Quality is not synonymous with high price. But cheap wines are typically bad quality. One reason is that for cheap wines the grapes get harvested with industrial machines and as a result there can be some unripe or over ripe grapes in the harvest. This will lower the quality and flavor of the wine. Headache Alert!

When grapes are harvested and triple checked by hand the cost is simply higher but so is the quality of the wine. The good news is at Club Lavender we only sell the high quality Rosé! 

Of course personal taste is the second important point in defining a “good wine”. Your impression of a wine can vary depending on the place where you drink the wine, the food your eating, the people you drink with or even the mood your in. There are some all-rounder Rosé wines that you can drink alone, with friends, with food, at a Party, at the Pool, just about anywhere. For me this is the Love by Château Léoube. Delicious for all occasions and seasons!

Is French wine always the best? Of course not! When it comes to Rosé wines France is known as the birthplace. French Rosé wines come from experienced wine makers that are focusing 100% on Rosé wines. It’s their passion and you can taste that! Nevertheless, we all love variety and experimenting is important. Different countries and different grapes create unique wine styles. Drink a Pinot Noir Rosé from Germany and compare it to a Merlot Rosé from Italy. Different worlds…. Both delicious!

So what’s the conclusion?

A good wine needs to come from quality grapes and a go through a quality wine making process. How can you make sure to get a high quality wine? Only buy it from people (or websites) you trust. A safe bet is to invest at least 7 Euros when it comes to Rosé wines to avoid the bottom of the barrel. ;-) Try as many wines as possible (responsibly) to discover the style that suits your palate the best.

Enjoy the tastings!

Cheers, Julian



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