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Maison Angelvin – The small jewel from Saint-Tropez


Directly above the hills of Saint-Tropez in the heart of the Provence lays the family owned winery Maison Angelvin. Louis Angelvin set out to create a refined Rosé reflective of the natural beauty of the region. As a civil engineer astute in geology and with an extensive knowledge of the mineral composition of Provence he knew right away about the unique possibilities of the terrain. He set the foundation for the generations in his family way before Saint-Tropez developed to what it is today.

When Louis Angelvin passed away, he left the keys to his estate to his son Jacques and grand-daughter Véronique. Jacques Angelvin was a well-known French television personality. His fame and his gregarious social nature allowed Maison Angelvin to receive attention beyond the beaches of Saint-Tropez. Operated now by Louis Angelvin’s great-grandson, Logan, Maison Angelvin remains a family-owned and operated business and we are proud to have this delicious Rosé now in our Portfolio. 

The vineyard of Maison Angelvin profits from the unique microclimate of the Saint-Tropez peninsula. The grapes are bathed with sun over 300 days a year and well-watered by the heavy rains of the winter months. The family is harvesting the grapes every year by hand with friends only.

Tasting this delicious Rosé, you can smell elegant flavors of white flowers and fruits like pears and peaches. The taste is balanced between its gourmet freshness and its crisp matter. Notes of citrus and spices appear to create an explosion of savors to the pallet. 

Till now you could find this Rosé exclusively in the famous Hotels and Beach Bars of Nice, Cannes and of course Saint Tropez. We imported this Provence Jewel so you can taste all the love and passion in this Rosé that comes with heart, history and love from a small family winery located in the epic center of Rosé: Saint-Tropez.




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