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Rosé + Bro(ther) = Brosé

The Rosé revolution has finally arrived! Rosé transitioned from a classic feminin style wine only enjoyed in warmer months, to an all year round wine that is loved by both men and women alike! 

But why was it preferred by the female population in the past and what has changed?

This is somewhat related to the development of Rosé Wines in general. In former times Rosé was mainly produced in a rather semidry style, sometimes even sweet which was rather preferred by women. For men who might prefer scratchy, very dry and tannins brimming wines was simply no pink counterpart on the market.

However, that has changed dramatically over the last few years. In the meantime, the most popular Rosé Wines are now dry and the selection of high-quality reputable Rosés has greatly increased.

Rosés from grape varieties such as Merlot or Syrah bring corresponding power. Elegant Rosés from the Provence offer perfect freshness in combination with texture and depth. Rosé Wines that pair great with food, even with hearty dishes, are now numerous on the market. Rosé has significantly more tannins than White Wine and at the same time fruity flavors due to the red grapes it got made of. Some Rosés, such as the Garrus from Château d'Esclans, are comparable to Grand Cru wines from Burgundy and can be stored for years. Another delicious example is Rosé Champagne. It has often more intensity and fruit than a white one, but still retains a sensational freshness.

Rosé combines the best of Red Wine with the freshness of White Wine, making it an all-rounder. Rosé has emancipated itself and the new generation of wine drinkers as well.

Time to plan a Rosé tasting for the next Bro’s night... "Brosé“.






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