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Rosé & Music Pairing

Music and Wine is a great topic. Both are full of emotions. Sometimes powerful, sometimes subtle and soft.

Here are my Top 10 Rosé and Music pairings to get you in the mood:

AIX Rosé <-- --> Byron Stingily – “Get Up Everybody”

Although the video is not showing the right summer vibes the song clearly does. Come on get up and dance… with a glass of refreshing AIX. AIX for me is a Rosé that stands for good party vibes & pure happiness! This Rosé gets the party started and also keeps it going :-)


Pink Summer <-- --> Inner Circle – “Sweat”

It’s hot, it’s summer, it’s Pink Summer. Are you chilling at the ocean, pool or lake? Do you enjoy relaxing with a glass of cold Pink Summer on ice in your hand? Maybe a little dance in between will put a bright smile and a little sweat on your face!


Bollinger Champagne Rosé <-- --> Smetana – “Moldau”

Pure elegance. Open the bottle, pore some of this Champagne in your glass. Take a first sniff of the scents of this pink sparkling beauty and have the first emotional explosion! Take your first sip and your brain starts a roller-coaster of happiness. Take your next sip and enjoy a feeling of deep satisfying relaxation. Smell the Champagne again and experience new flavors and scents. A majestic moment to enjoy over and over.


Roubine - La Vie En Rose <-- --> Edith Piaf – “La Vie En Rose”

This one is almost too easy. A Rosé that makes life to seem perfect, as the song says. “Nights full of love, annoyances and troubles disappear. Happy, so happy I could die”. What a love story! Chateau Roubine created the perfect matching Rosé.


Love by Léoube <-- --> Deepswing – “In the Music”

“I got the love in the music, I got soul in the music….” You could directly replace music with Léoube and it would match perfectly. Léoube injects immediately good vibes of love, it makes you dance and party like in St.Tropez an Ibiza, anywhere you are right now!


Correcaminos Rosado <-- --> Dire Straits - “Sultans of Swing”

This Rosé and his creator are unique characters representing a rough, edgy but down to earth style of wine making. Ismael Gonzalo is the rock star of natural wine makers. He is creating a Rosé that clearly contains all characteristic of a natural wine and makes it with such a passion that you can taste it. It is pure rock but still round and soft… like the Dire Straits.


Spumante De Faveri <-- --> Eros Ramazotti – “Piu Bella Cosa”

As cheesy as it might sound to pair an Italian wine with Eros Ramazotti, as well it fits. Passion, dedication, all that is in the De Faveri Rosé. Pure Italian joy and love. Celebrate the good times in life with a glass of Spumante De Faveri and some Eros Ramazotti!


Reichsrat von Buhl – Bone Dry Rosé <-- --> Rammstein – “Hier kommt die Sonne”

It’s German, it’s direct, it’s hard… for some people maybe too hard. Pretty much like Rammstein. When I was going to a concert of the band I experienced something that I didn’t experience before. Back in the day, during my time as Music Manager for MySpace, I was seeing a lot of bands and concerts. The Rammstein concert was a goosebumps event. When 20.000 people sing along with the band, pyro fire all over the place, light effects and this rough sound… that’s quite a combo. So is the Bone Dry Rosé from Reichsrat von Buhl. Rough but an incredible delicate and refreshing experience in German.

Domaines Ott – “Chateau Romasson” <-- --> The Eagles – “Hotel California”

The Chateau Romasson from Domaines Ott is the true classic of the Rosé World. A world hit that lasts decades and still is amazing! Thinking about this Rosé I actually had a couple of bands in my mind but The Eagles hit the nail!

Rosé My Way <-- --> Frank Sinatra – “My Way”

When we created this Rosé, we wanted to make something authentic, a classic shining with its elegance. We wanted to make our own wine and found with the winemaker Lukas somebody with the same vision, motivation and passion for wine as we do. Rosé My Way is the result.

Enjoy & Cheers, 



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