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Rosé in fall season is becoming increasingly popular

Rosé is getting more popular in Fall

Some people still fall into the classic mind state that Rosé is ‘’just a summer wine“. Well, that philosophy is not reflecting the qualities and diversities of Premium Rosé Wines these days. More and more people are realizing it’s possible to enjoy a great Rosé in fall & winter seasons the same way as is summer. Just thinking about pairing a delicious Rosé with a Thanks Giving turkey or a roasted Duck makes our mouths water instantly! 

The winemakers from the Provence are pioneers in Premium Rosé. They paved the way for the worldwide revolution of Quality Rosé we are experiencing over the last decade. Let’s focus for a bit in the Provence region. The wines produced in this area under the quality label “Cote de Provence” have strict quality restrictions and must be very dry, containing less than 4 grams per liter of residual sugar. These types of quality standards known from other areas like the Champagne helped to develop the Provence Rosés to absolute world champions. Direct Pressing instead of using “left-over” juices from the red wine production (saignée or bleeding method) is also a statement of the 100% focus on Rosé Wines. This meticulousness you can experience in every sip.

With this quality level of Rosé, you now have a serious wine that pairs excellently with all kinds of food beyond fish, chicken and pasta. The rich acidity and delicate flavors pair great with spicy food but also heavier dishes like Wiener Schnitzel and of course Pizza. Some Rosés are now also aged in oak barrels which gives them a fuller body and a comparable character to Burgundy Chardonnays. These Barrique or Oaked Rosés are perfect wines for Lamb, Beef and Pork Roasts. Now in the fall season Rosé tastes delicious with Mushrooms or Pumpkin dishes. 

Another interesting fact is that in the colder part of the year the Rosé Wines from the previous vintage are already a bit matured with the strong acidity getting rounder and the aromas developing more elegant and intense. The top level Rosés you can age for a couple of years and they will develop a more complex and multi-layered aroma profile just like a great red or white wine.

There are many reasons why you should drink Rosé in fall or winter just like a chilled Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay or other white wines. Maybe the best reason to enjoy “Rosé All Year”: in addition to the great taste, it naturally brings a little reminder of summer and warms up your heart with memories of a vacation at the Mediterranean Sea like no white wine ever can. 



Our current recommendation for this fall season: Château Pas du Cerf - "Grande Cuvée Audace"


Château Pas Du Cerf - Grande Cuvée Audace


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