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The perfect Rosé pairing for your Christmas Menu


It's that time of the year again, Christmas is coming! Planning is in full swing. What do you cook for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day? Who’s coming over? Which wine should you serve? The short answer: Rosé!

One of the Christmas Eve classics in Germany are sausages and potato salad. Rustic and tasty. In the south of the republic, the potato salad comes with vinegar and oil, in the north with mayonnaise. Our recommendation for wine pairing is the "Première" from Figuière or the Cru Classé Rosé from Château Sainte Roseline "Lampe de Méduse". Both have peppery notes and enough power to give the Wieners or Frankfurters and potato salad the necessary spice.

Another classic for Christmas Eve is the fondue, mostly in the meat variant. Depending on your preference with chicken, turkey, pork, veal, beef or even a mix boiled in hot oil. In addition, a delicious dip and the exquisite meal is ready. But which wine suits all these meats? Rosé unites everyone and we recommend the powerful “Alta Mora Cusumano” Rosé from the slopes of the Etna volcano. This great Rosé has a nice body and minerality, which gives the fondue the necessary balance.

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A Christmas classic is the turkey stuffed or not with delicious side dishes. We recommend one of our most elegant Rosés in our portfolio: the "Château Sainte Marguerite - Symphonie Rosé". Soft, mineral with gentle acidity a perfect pairing to this delicious Christmas turkey. We also have a possible upgrade: the "Fantastique Rosé" of Château Sainte Marguerite. The utmost elegance, softness and character, simply world-class.

Are you planning to prepare a goose for Christmas? For this we recommend a full body Bandol Rosé. Typical of the pink representatives of this exclusive corner of Provence is the Mourvèdre grape. It gives the Rosé more power and allows ageing as well. We often recommend an older vintage because these are more balanced, without the otherwise typical acidity peaks. For Christmas we recommend the classic Domaines Ott “Château Romassan” or the "Château de Berne Rosé", both delicious powerful Rosés.

Let's check out a last typical Christmas dish, duck. Duck is usually served with a slightly sweet sauce. This can either be an orange, plum or gingerbread sauce. Here we can certainly recommend a Barrique Rosé, such as the Château Roubine “Lion et Dragon”. The elegant notes of pear, vanilla and nut fit perfectly. Another recommendation would be the "Rosé Fumé" of Bangerth. Strong aromas of sour cherries rounded off by subtle vanilla notes make this Rosé the perfect companion for duck.

We wish you a Merry Christmas, good appetite and cheers!

Your Club Lavender Team


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