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Rosé & Music Pairing Part 2

One of our first Blog Posts was about Songs pairing perfectly to a specific Rosé. Both Rosé and Music stand for passion and pure emotions. Our love for Music is deep in our soul and it was long overdue to release part two of Club Lavender’s Rosé & Music Pairing.


UP Ultimate Provence Rosé:

Many people ask us for our favorite Rosé. The truth is, we love all the Rosés in our large portfolio however we have some favs of course… the Ultimate Provence Rosé is one of them. The look of the bottle, the color of the wine, the flavor with its floral notes and gentle creaminess with a citric kick… flawless. With this Rosé in the glass, we instantly want to dance like we did at 5 in the morning on Ibiza. Pure happiness! 


Château Favori Rosé

This Rosé has rhythm and joy in its DNA. The owner of the Favori Provence winery is a big fan of Burning Man and an Electronic Music connoisseur. With the first sip of this delicious Rosé we feel relaxed and energetic at the same time. This Rosé is multi-layered with a beautiful depth. You sip on it and experience thousand flavors of the Provence and a deep refreshment. This Rosé does not just pair with one song… that’s why we decided to recommend a whole Live-Set with the Favori Rosé.


Château Pas Du Cerf - Diane Rosé BIO

This Rosé from the La Londe area at the coast of the Provence has gentle aromas of Grapefruits, some Apricot nuances, tender acidity which unifies to an animating overall sensation. This Rosé will make you crazy for the next glass. Feminine with a punch like the band “Heart”: 


Château Sainte Roseline - Prestige Rosé

 From the Cru Classé winery in the heart of the Provence comes this “Prestige” Rosé. A soft start with delicious aromas of red fruits. With the first sip in your mouth this Rosé rocks with citrus flavors and great minerality… you feel instantly like you’re in “Paradise City” from Guns N’ Rosés. Take me down to the paradise city with a bottle of Roseline Prestige please!


Château Sainte Marguerite - Fantastique Rosé BIO

A Rosé where it is hard to find words for… delicate aromas of peach and melon with a Mediterranean breeze of saline flavors. Just the thought about this extraordinaire Rosé from the Provence gives us the chills from pure joy. The name “Fantastique” is definitely not exaggerated… one sip and we could sing out loud of sensation like Klaus Nomi does. 


Château d'Or et de Gueules - Parle à mon fût Rosé BIO

The winemaker behind this Rosé is a true character full of energy and passion. You can taste this in his Rosé more than clearly. This is Rosé has a beautiful color, aromas and flavors… but definitely not an easy-drinking Pool-Rosé… In the words of Tom Petty: “You don’t know how it feels”… to drink this amazing Rosé!


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