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Château Sainte Marguerite - Cru Classé from the Provence

The last time we toured the Provence in search of the best Rosés, we made a stop at Château Sainte Marguerite. At this point in time, the Fayard family was in the middle of completing the new building, the new flagship of the winery. Together with Jean Pierre Fayard, the Senior boss of Château Sainte Marguerite, we took a tour through the vines and also inspected the new building. Over a delicious lunch we used the time to chat with Jean Pierre about God and the world and especially about Rosé.

For us, Château Sainte Marguerite is one of the absolute top wineries in Provence.The three Rosé cuvées of the winery are in our favorites every year. These Rosés have an elegance, minerality, a unique scent of white flowers and citrus fruits and a really unique creaminess that we have not discovered anywhere else so far. Château Sainte Marguerite also has the rare Cru Classé classification, which characterizes the quality of the soils and the winery. In addition, the “Symphonie Rosé” was named the best Provence Rosé by Decanter Magazine.

Jean Pierre justifies this top quality with the passion and patience of a family winery, which always strives for the highest level. No grapes are bought from other wineries. In good vintages with good yields, there is correspondingly more Château Sainte Marguerite Rosé and less in poorer years. The Rosé can therefore be sold out in summer already. Another reason for the great taste of these Rosés is the Provence area “La Londe” directly at the Mediterranean Sea. The climate here ensures mild winters and, thanks to the sea breeze, also mild summers. In addition, the soils are rich in minerals and essential for this excellent quality. We are big fans of this small region within Provence and therefore also have the neighboring wineries Château Léoube, Figuière and Château Pas Du Cerf in our portfolio. :-)

We were also impressed by the story and the family behind Château Sainte Marguerite. In addition to Jean Pierre and his wife, all of their (adult) children are also active in the winery, which makes Château Sainte Marguerite a true family winery, incredibly authentic and, above all, personable. The famous and immediately recognizable label with the two palm trees and the château in the middle was designed by the daughter. Incidentally, as shown on the label, these two palm trees are in the driveway to the old wine cellar and home of the Fayard family. (see photos below)

We are proud to have Château Sainte Marguerite in our portfolio... we are Château Sainte Marguerite fans!

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Chateau Sainte Marguerite - Jean Pierre Fayard

Chateau Sainte Marguerite - Julian Club Lavender

Jean Pierre Fayard - Chateau Sainte Marguerite

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