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Rosé Quiz - What's the right Rosé for you?


Rosé Quiz


Club Lavender offers more than 70 different Rosé wines for you to choose from. It could be a little overwhelming when you don’t know which Rosé to choose, we have created a helpful quiz to assist you finding your best match!


Please answer the following questions and add up your points. Remember, there are no right or wrong answers! Enjoy!


  1. Where do you enjoy drinking Rosé the most?

4 pts: At a fancy restaurant

3 pts: At a Barbecue

2 pts: At home with friends

1 pt: Anywhere, anytime!


  1. Pick a fruity flavor

1 pt: Red Berries

2 pts: Peach / Apricot

3 pts: Lemon / Orange

4 pts: Apple / Pear


  1. Which word would you use to describe yourself?

2 pts: Flirty

1 pt: Easy-going

4 pts: High maintenance

3 pts: Extrovert


  1. What color fits your mood?

1 pt: Pink

1 pt: Pink

1 pt: Pink

1 pt: Pink


  1. When you don’t drink rosé, what do you drink?

2 pts: White Wine

1 pts: Beer

3pts: Cocktails

4pt: Red Wine


  1. You would spend your vacation?

1pt: In Ibiza, going wild!

2pts: On a romantic trip in Italy

3pts: On a Roadtrip

4pts: In a Five Star Hotel in Paris


  1. What flavor do you prefer?

2 pts: Floral

1 pt:  Fruity

4 pts: Herbal

3 pts: Mineral / Silky


  1. How adventurous are you when it comes to try new food & drinks?

3 pts:  I'll try anything once

4 pts: Always looking to try something new but nothing too extreme

2 pts: I try new things only on recommendation

1 pt:  I stick to what I know


  1. If you could have just one last meal, what would it be?

1 pt: No food, just hand me a bottle of Rosé

3 pts: Seafood Platter

4 pts: Barbecue Steak

2 pts: Pasta Dish




You got:

Between 9 and 13 points:

Try: Pink Summer, A Boire RoséFiguière Méditerranée, Le Petit Pont, R de Château Roubine

These four delicious Rosés will be your new favorites! Drinking Rosé is a lifestyle and you are ready to embrace it! Fun to drink, these are the perfect wines for a refreshing in summer (spring, fall, ...or winter)!


Between 14 and 18 points:

Try: Maison Angelvin Sélection St.Tropez Rosé, AIX Rosé,  Château de Berne Esprit Méditerranée, Château Roubine - La Vie En Rose, Love by Château LeóubeLafage Miraflors,

You can’t go wrong with these options! They are treasures of their terroirs. Deliciously to drink at the Beach, Pool, Terrace, with friends or when you Netflix & Chill. Perfect for everywhere and anytime! These are the real #RoséAllDay wines with a mouth-watering crispiness and just the right fruitiness.   


Between 19 and 23 points:

Try: UP Ultimate Provence RoséChâteau Favori Provence RoséRosé de Château Léoube, Whispering Angel, Château Roubine Premium Cuvée, Mirabeau Étoile.

These are the Stars of Provence and you can taste it in every sip! Elegant, complex, harmonious: everything is perfect for unadulterated enjoyment! They will easily become your all-time favorites!


Between 24 and 28 points:

You should try:  Secret de Léoube, Château Sainte Marguerite SymphonieRock Angel Rosé, Minuty Rosé et Or,

These are Champions League Rosés that have received many accolades and they are well deserved! These are complex, sophisticated and most graceful Rosés that you can enjoy on their own or with a delicate meal.


Between 29 and 33 points:

You should try: Château Roubine - Lion & Dragon,  Château de la Gaude - Mademoiselle Rosé BIORosé Fumé, Les Clans - Château d'Esclans, La Bastide Blanche Bandol

These are truly unique in their own way! Flavors reminding you of a serious bold Burgundy Chardonnay or an elegant light red wine. They are absolutely fantastic for food pairing (even with dark meat)! Delicious rarities, complex but perfectly balanced, you’re in for a treat!



Be aware that this quiz is intended for fun so do not take the result too seriously! If you don’t find your perfect Rosé with this quiz, you can still have a look at the rest of the website! You will definitely find your happy place there!



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