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What is a Natural Wine?

Natural Wines

Today’s topic is Natural Wines. First thing you might be wondering, what the heck does that mean?

Natural wines are usually produced in a bio or biodynamic way. This means the grapes are growing in the vineyards with no usage of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. In the cellar the winemaking process is happening all natural and without any additives as well. Fermentation happens spontaneously with natural yeast. There are no sulfites or any other additions added to stabilize the wine. The wine is purely natural as the name indicates.

Sounds pretty good, like it should be… so why isn’t every wine produced this way?

Short answer: You never know how the outcome of each vintage is. Flavors can vary and change stronger than with "classic" wines.

Natural wine has a unique taste that is raw, wild and earthy. The wine is unfiltered and can look cloudy. Natural wine can smell and taste like sherry or cider with oxidative, iodine and yeasty notes, and also tart tannins for red Natural Wines. The taste also can go in an earthy direction with tasting notes of herbs, leaves and dirt. Of course there are huge differences between the Natural Wine varieties like with traditional wine.

At Club Lavender we have a Natural Wine from the Provence that is rather round and harmonic in our assortment: Domaine de la Mongestine - Bon Singlar Rosé

The flavors of this wine blew me away the first time I tasted it. Fruity flavors like rhubarb mixed with Mirabelle Plum. This was something new that I had never tasted before and I loved it! It’s really refreshing with a great acidity perfect for a hot summer day. Truly delicious and unique!

If you’re allergic to sulfites Natural Wine can be your safe haven. Some people say that natural wines are great for your metabolism and you don’t get headaches from it. Other people claim the opposite. For me the old Depeche Mode song says it all: “Everything counts in large amounts”.

So what’s the conclusion?

Personally I understand the hesitation towards Natural Wines. It’s two worlds between classic wine and natural wines, almost two beverages made from the same ingredient. However, from time to time everyone should explore and try something new. 

If you plan to host friends and you are not sure what your guests like to drink, best to be on the safe side and offer a classic Rosé variety. But if you like to “wow” your friends, think about a natural wine option. J

Stay curious! Discover Natural Wines! 




Domaine de la Mongestine - Bob Singlar Rosé


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