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Rosé and BBQ

This week’s topic is Rosé and BBQ, a match made in heaven! 

Typical recommendations of food pairing and Rosé can be super uninspiring. Fish, pasta, fruit... we know that!

How about Rosé and BBQ?

A sure winner for your next grill party is to offer the French "Tiger" Rosé from Domaine de La Périnade as an aperitif. The light and refreshing fruity aromas create appetite and it’s a great way to get your palette warmed-up for the wines that follow. This Rosé will get the party started!

When the air fills up with the rich smell from steaks or sausages on the grill the only question for you is… which Rosé should we choose now?

For the first starters like salads or some grilled shrimps you want a Rosé that has structure and depth that pairs beautifully with light dishes. We recommend the one and only UP Ultimate Provence Rosé. Fruity and floral aromas and a little hint of pepper accompany your BBQ starters perfectly.

For the main course choose a Rosé that has more body. The wine should have enough flavor and power to stand up to a beef steak or a lamb rack! For this we recommend the oak aged Château Pas Du Cerf - Grande Cuvée AudaceThe intense nose of this Rosé reveals the power and refinement of the wine. A mineral imprint is the accent of the terroir. In your mouth the roundness reflects the intensity and the charm of this wine, and makes it a beautiful pairing for grilled meat.

We already put these recomendations together and prepared the perfect Rosé BBQ Box for your. Click here!

Enjoy your summer!




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