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Rosé and BBQ

This week’s topic is Rosé and BBQ, a match made in heaven! 

Typical recommendations of food pairing and Rosé can be super uninspiring. Fish, shrimp, fruit... we know that!

How about Rosé and BBQ?

A sure-fire winner for your next grill party is to offer a sparkling Rosé as aperitif. The bubbles create appetite and it’s a great way to get your palette warmed-up for the wines that follow. Extra Brut Rosado from Ibiza will get the party started!

When the air fills up with the rich smell from steaks or sausages on the grill the only question for you is… which Rosé should we choose now?

Here some easy rules:

  1. Fat Food and acidic wines go well together. The acid balances the fatty meat and creates a true harmony on your palate.
  1. Choose a wine that has more body. You don’t want to eat your delicious grill food, take a sip of wine and have a feeling of sour water in your mouth. The wine should have enough flavor power to stand up to a steak!
  1. Pick a wine with higher alcohol content. The alcohol has a similar effect to acidity. The fat of the meat gets balanced beautifully with the alcohol. The alcohol serves as a taste enhancer and really brings the whole meal to the next level. 

Some of the best chefs recommend to drink Champagne with your fat steak. It actually cleans that oiliness off and lets you enjoy your next bite even more.

Testing the waters to find your perfect Rosé BBQ pairing. As a recommendation I would go for the Rock Angel Rosé, which has a great body, acidity and higher Alcohol. Another full bodied wine pairing great with heavier food is the Tavel Rosé from Domaine Mordorée. It’s basically the Amarone of Rosé wines. Full body with a tiny little sweetness still being a dry wine. 

If you want to treat your friends take the Les Clans! Aged in barrique, a taste sensation with great acidity.

Here are also some additional Rosé BBQ Party recommendations:

Rosé My Way - Classic Dry Rosé with animating peach and vanilla flavor.

Pink Summer - A highlight with it's sour cherry refreshing taste.

Enjoy your summer!





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