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Cru Classé Provence

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Cru Classé Provence 

In the year 1955 23 Provençal wine estates managed to officially designate themselves Cru Classé based on an evaluation of the estates' history, winemaking and cellar reputation and overall vineyard quality that time. Today are only 18 Cru Classé wineries left and we selected the best Cru Classé Rosés for you and assembled them in this unique box!

This box contains 6 bottles, each 0.75 l. 


Domaine du Jas d’Esclans - Rosé Cru Classé

This winery is located in a fantastic area with famous Rosé neighbors like the makers of Whispering Angel. In this wine you can smell subtle notes of apricot and dried fruit. The palate has a balanced minerality and round acidity ending with aromas of candied fruit. This is a delicious Provence Rosé with a great price value.

More information to this wine, click here: Jas d'Esclans


Château Sainte Roseline - Lampe de Méduse - Cru Classé Rosé

Château Sainte Roseline, Lampe de Méduse, with its unique shape, is the iconic and historic cuvée of the estate. Since 1950, it has been the heart of the production of this famous Cru Classé vineyard.

Famous as a historic site but also for its premium Rosés, Château Sainte Roseline is a Provence icon.

Its pale color is slightly salmony. The complex and intense nose reveals fine notes of peaches and mangos. The beautiful liveliness and persistence of the aromatic notes at the end of the palate make this a very crunchy wine. A minty finish sublimates its beautiful freshness.

For more information to this wine, click here: Château Sainte Roseline - Lampe de Méduse


Château Galoupet Cru Classé Rosé

Château Galoupet lays beautifully on the hills of the La Londe Region in the Provence with the most fantastic views of the Mediterranean Sea. The location is perfect for wine growing, that's why this winery got the Cru Classé label already in 1955. After the LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy) Group took over the estate in 2019 the renaissance of Château Galoupet started. In March 2022, the first Rosé in organic conversion, was released. After three years regenerating the soils, nurturing the vines and reviving all the biodiversity on the estate, this land is gradually reawakening. 

At Château Galoupet, they harvest, press and vinify plot by plot. 38% of the wines used to craft the final Cuvée were vinified and aged for 4-5 months in 600L oak barrels. 

The color of the bottle in which this beautiful very soft pale pink Rosé is coming in is amber because the glass is made of 70% recycled glass. White bottles are always 100% new glass.

In your nose this Gourmet Rosé has complex and intense notes of peach, citrus fruits and bitter almonds complemented by delicate floral aromas.

In your mouth it has an explosion of flavors, a layered acidity with a long​ and mineral finish that reminds you of the Mediterranean sea breeze.

For more information to this wine, click here: Château Galoupet Cru Classé Rosé 

Château Sainte Marguerite - Symphonie Rosé Cru Classé BIO

One of the few Provence Rosés that can call themselves a "Cru Classé". This Rosé is rare to find as most of it never leaves France where it gets served in many 2 and 3 star restaurants. This "Symphonie Rosé" delivers fine scents of white peaches, gage, hints of aniseed and a little Vanilla without ever having touched a wooden barrel. On the palate there is a fruity juicy play with subtle mineral acidity and a phenomenal finish. Delicious!

For more information to this wine, click here: Château Sainte Marguerite - Symphonie Rosé Cru Classé BIO


Château Minuty - Rosé et Or - Cru Classé

This Provence wine plays in the Champions League! Made under sun of Saint-Tropez sun you can smell citrus fruits and white flowers. The taste of this exclusive Cru Classé Rosé is complex with an exceptional freshness and finesse offering notes of pink grapefruit and white peach.

For more information to this wine, click here: Château Minuty Rosé et Or


Château Roubine - Cuvée Inspire - Cru Classé Rosé BIO

When nature is the main source of inspiration and when we choose the best grapes the vintage offers us, this Rosé is the result!

The Cru Classé Château Roubine from the Provence created a phenomenal Rosé with the Cuvée Inspire. An artistic, elegant Cuvée with a subtle blend of strength and femininity. This Rosé comes with a beautiful salmon color, with lightness and at the same time aromatic richness. This Rosé, unique in Provence, is the result of a selection of the best plots on the estate. It is the perfect wine for the best moments of life!

In your nose elegant aromas, complex and slightly smoky fruitiness that develops suave notes. You smell blood oranges, grapefruit and floral flavors like hawthorn.

In your mouth you get a frank, full-bodied juicy, fresh, delicate and very long lasting taste, offering a Rosé with fineness, roundness and great elegance!

For more information to this wine, click here: Château Roubine - Cuvée Inspire - Cru Classé Rosé BIO


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