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Gourmet Ideas - Asparagus & Rosé

It’s prime asparagus season! No matter if you prefer white or green, we love both! 

Let’s start with white asparagus. Traditionally they are cooked and served with Sauce Hollandaise, Sauce Béarnaise or melted butter. Hmmm mouthwatering already… You would either add some ham, cured or cooked and steak goes well too. Or as we do it in Germany, we add a Schnitzel and potatoes. :-)

Time for a change! A great way to cook asparagus is on the grill with butter, fresh chili & thyme.

Wash and peal the asparagus and cut the ends off. Wrap the spears in aluminum foil add around 1-2 tablespoons of butter, fresh thyme and some chili. Then you are ready to grill! Takes roundabout 10 minutes depending on the size of the spears in 200 Degrees Celsius with a closed lid. Flip your asparagus one time to get some heat from both sides.

A fantastic pairing with asparagus is Rosé, especially if you grill it. We recommend to choose a Rosé that has a bit higher acidity. This delicious pairing takes the grilled asparagus experience to the next level. The slight fruity aromas of the Rosé and the acidity gives another layer of flavor in your mouth. You really have to try this!

My wine recommendation is Château de la Gaude - Garance Rosé BIO that gets served in the 1 Star Michelin Restaurant at the Château in Aix-en-Provence. Another recommendation is the delicious Saint Tropez pearl Maison Angelvin Sélection Rosé, with its well-balanced acidity. Also great pairings are the Château de Berne Esprit Méditerranée Rosé or the Château Léoube Rosé.

For the Risotto fans out there: Try your asparagus Risotto cooking it with Rosé rather than white wine. This makes it savory and gives the rice a great pale pink color.

What about the green asparagus? Grilling these is easy and always a crowd pleaser! Just add a splash of your favorite olive oil and put them on the grill. After they are finished on the grill, add some fleur de sal and you are ready to go. For Rosé pairing with green asparagus I would recommend to choose a wine that has more body like the Château Favori Provence Rosé for example or a Rosé with a little Wood Barrel aging from the Provence as well, like the Château de la Gaude - Mademoiselle Rosé BIO.

I’m getting hungry writing this post!

Enjoy your summer!





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