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Club Lavender Rosé Bottle Design Awards

Rosé is a festive, easy-going and approachable wine that escapes traditional standards. It is far less intimidating than a red or a white wine and reflects a holiday like lifestyle and feeling! The light-hearted nature of Rosé allows producers to get creative with their design on several levels. Some bottles even look more like an elegant perfume flask than a classic wine bottle!


First: Color!

While some choose a dark glass bottle to protect the wine from light and oxidation (such as Bodegas Gratias - Bobal Rosé) most of Rosé wines are bottled into clear glass. The power of seduction of a clear bottle is undeniable as it magnifies the wine by enhancing the beautiful pink color that got Rosé so popular (especially on Instagram!). The question of the finish can also occur: one can have a see-through glass or an iced glass finish like the Domaine Lafage Miraflors.


Second: The Bottle Shape!

Possibilities are endless! Next to the usual Bordeaux, Burgundy or even Riesling shapes, the Provence bottle shape distinguish itself with its “corset” shape (Minuty M Rosé). Producers have been playing around with bottle shape for decades. For example, René Ott from Domaines Ott created and his own and unique “amphora” bottle shape in the 1920s. Other than that, Miraval opted for a shorter but wider silhouette. With Rosé wine, the bottle becomes a design object and the unusual-looking bottles often attract more!


Third: The Label (or absence of it)!

It’s usually where all the fun happens! The label becomes the support and mean of expression for producers. From the color of the label to the color of the capsule, every detail counts! Usually, producers gravitate towards lighter shades but a pop of color will automatically catch your attention: The green capsule of La Réserve d’Estoublon is the perfect example!

When it comes to the design in itself, some producers emphasize the lifestyle in order to sell the wine just like the Diving into Hampton Rosé. Others like to keep it more classic such as Le Petit Pont. However, trends tend towards transparency, without any paper label such as the Léoube bottles that seduce with their sleek look. Some producers even play with glass texture such as Château Roubine.


By playing on these three factors, producers create recognizable visuals while following the current trend. They enjoy more flexibility when it comes to Rosé and use their design to deliver a message. Because some designs are so incredibly creative, we selected 5 of our favorite bottles:


The Elegant One:

Château Sainte Marguerite: The bottle stands out with its long shape and sleek look. The golden details make it sophisticated, simple but efficient. Less is more!

The Artsy One:

Château Minuty 281: It definitely has a recognizable look! The dripping blue metallic paint on the side catches the eye like no other bottle. It once more shows the importance of a creative design.

The Traditional One:

Clos Cibonne: This design goes in a totally different direction. The traditional look emphasizes the authentic side of the winery and highlights the ancient history of the estate. It almost feels like the bottle comes from another time!


The Fashionable One:

Secret de Léoube: Transparent, without any paper label, right in the trend! The white writing is sophisticated, elegant and makes it one of our favorite! 

The “WOW!” One:

Roubine Lion & Dragon: How can we not talk about this bottle? It is a real piece of art! No paper label, just and amazing work of glass texture! Super heavy bottle that we recommend to re-use as a water bottle or for Olive Oil.



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