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Does Rosé Wine make you fat?

Rosé Calories


By the pool, during a barbecue, at a bar, at the beach or just at home, Rosé flows freely all year. But what you are all wondering is: Is it bad for my Summer Body? Well, wine is just grapes so you might as well drink a whole bottle to reach your 5 fruits and vegetables a day! 

More seriously, there is two things you need to know about this topic.

First one: Can wine make you fat? Definitely. But so can pretty much everything you eat and drink. Here is a simple formula: if you take in more calories than you burn, you will gain weight. Obviously, you would reach that point faster eating French Fries than eating salad (unless you can eat 3 tons of salad really fast).

However, we often underestimate the caloric content in a glass of wine. These calories mainly come from the amount of alcohol. The higher the ABV is and the more calories there are in your glass. Another thing to be mentioned is that we don’t process alcohol calories the same way we digest food calories. Because alcohol has no nutritional value, the body will directly store them as fat. Calories in wine also come from the amount of sugar. In the same way, the more sugar there is, the more calories there are.  

Here is a list of wines according to their caloric content:

Sparkling wines and Champagnes are the least caloric wines with only 80 kcal for 100ml. If you want to treat yourself while still keeping an eye on your calorie intake, have a look at the "Rosé Bubbles" tab of our website! Be careful though, the less dry the champagne, the more calories it contains, sometimes up to a hundred calories.

Good news! Dry Rosé and white wines are at the top of the list of the lowest calorie alcoholic drinks with 86kcal for 100ml.

For a 100ml glass, count 95kcal for red wines (because of the higher amount of alcohol) and 100kcal for sweet white (because of the higher amount of sugar).

As you can see, one glass of wine won’t ruin all your effort at the gym and can even fit in a diet!  However, if you keep refilling your glass, it’s another debate. Moderation is key!

Second thing you need to know:

While wine doesn’t necessarily make you fat, the Cheese Pizza you will be craving after a few drinks will. Indeed, alcohol is an appetite stimulant! Studies show that moderate consumption of alcohol increases your craving for salt and fat. There is a reason why no one has ever craved a salad after a few glasses!

In conclusion, a glass of rosé is one simple pleasure that you can allow yourself even on a diet! Besides, treating yourself once in a while with something that is supposedly bad for your health is often extremely good for the soul!

Cheers to that!


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