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Club Lavender Top 6 of 2024

Every year we taste hundreds of Rosés. Our mission is to find the best pink elixir made from the best grapes in the world.

With over 100 carefully selected Rosés in the Club Lavender assortment, we wanted to spotlight our favorites of the year. This inspired us to start our exclusive Top 6 list of our Rosé darlings each season.

The Rosés included in our list are not in any specific order, as we love them all equally! Also important to mention, in addition to the great wines, we are also big fans of the people making these delicious wines. We are proud to have them as close partners!


Domaine de La Périnade – “Le Tigre” Rosé

The “Tiger Rosé” is a new gem discovered last year. The signature style of Périnade is, that there is only one grape varietal in their Rosé - 100 % Grenache. This light Rosé is the perfect “Allrounder”. Delicious just by itself, it is also a great Rosé to pair with food like fish, salads or Risottos. It has aromas of peach and apricot. In your mouth you get long and fresh flavors, thirst-quenching with a nice creaminess linked to aging on lees.

Domaine de la Perinade

Click here to learn more: Domaine de la Perinade


Eau de Provence Rosé

The Eau de Provence Rosé is made by one of our favorite Provence wine makers „Alexis Cornu“. You might know him from the UP Ultimate Provence Rosé and Château de Berne. He teamed up with icons from the perfume industry and gave birth to this fantastic Rosé on the principles of perfume creation: Top note, base not and heart note complemented with taste in your mouth. We love the fruity aromas of this Rosé. Warning: One bottle disappears rapidly, you better have a second one in the fridge! ;-)

Eau de Provence Rosé

Click here to learn more: Eau de Provence Rosé


Gstaad Guy - Palais Constance Rosé

Famous from the “Gstaad Guy” and crowned by the many Gourmet Restaurants that are having this fantastic Rosé on their wine list. Palais Constance is for the Connoisseur, it is for the person who demands excellence - in every category of their lives. "Those who know, just know"

Gstaad Guy - Palais Constance Rosé

Click here to learn more: Gstaad Guy - Palais Constance Rosé


Château Sainte Marguerite – Maison Sainte Marguerite

This delicious Rosé was formerly known as “Cuvée Symphonie” and after two years of a little name rights struggle they are back with a new name but same superior quality! This vintage is just fantastic. So elegant, round and harmonious… a perfectly balanced Rosé.

Maison Sainte Marguerite

Click here to learn more: Maison Sainte Marguerite Rosé


Domaine de la Croix – Éloge Cru Classé

New in our Rosé Portfolio and instantly a hit! The winery is just a couple of kilometers south of Saint-Tropez and one of the few with the label “Cru Classé”. With this beautiful Provence Rosé, where the vines are literally touching the beach you get a beautiful harmony of subtle fruit aromas with a gastronomic minerality that reminds you of the salt in the Mediterranean Sea.

Domaine de la Croix - Éloge Rosé

Click here to learn more: Domaine de la Croix - Éloge Rosé


Château Favori – Méditerannée

This Rosé is the epiphany of a light, crisp, delicious Provence Rosé. Imagine 28 degrees you are sitting on the Riviera, enjoying a subtle ocean breeze enjoying the views of a beautiful Mediterranean beach and sipping relaxed on a glass of this Rosé… A winner!

Eau de Provence Rosé

Click here to learn more: Château Favori – Méditerannée


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