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Figuière - Balance and Natural Elegance

Figuière Provence Blog Post

Last time we visited the Provence we stopped by one of our great Partners, the family winery Figuière.

The Combard family's origin is in Burgundy where Alain Combard joined his friend and partner Michel Laroche in developing what would quickly became one of the best wineries in Chablis. Bringing vast experience of grand Burgundy wine making to the Provence and handing over this knowledge to his grown up kids, a new chapter of great Provence Rosé making started.

Figuière is located between Toulon and Saint-Tropez in the „La Londe“ area close to Château Leóube and Château Sainte Marguerite. This part of the Provence is famous for its perfect conditions for Rosé making. Being close to the Mediterranean Sea with a steady salty ocean breeze regulates the summer heat and keeps the winter mild.

Being organically cultivated for over 40 years the property has 210 acres of vines surrounded by pine forests, cork oaks, strawberry trees and eucalyptus. We went for a little walk in the beautiful vineyard before tasting their great Rosés. Blessed by a lot of sun and with a great view you can spend a whole day walking in this unique Provence nature.

Thirsty from the walk you can then enjoy their great Rosés in the new Figuiére tasting room or outside on their lovely terrace. The Figuière typical wine style is pure, refined with a strong minerality from the Domaine's schist rock terroir. The winemaking approach is also deliberately minimal and unprocessed but with lots of passion to bring out the genuine personality of this unique terroir and that of its winemaker. The result is tight wines that combine power and finesse, balance and aromatic complexity. Fruity flavors like apricot, peach and wild strawberries are very subtle and perfectly integrated in peppery and mineral notes. A lingering and dense aromatic depth like nowhere else!

Tradition and innovation on the one hand, living in harmony with nature with low intervention in the vineyard and cellar on the other hand. Figuière is all about balance and natural elegance.

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Figuiere Famille Combard

Family Combard

Domaine Figuiere Provence

Julian Club Lavender at Figuiere

Julian Club Lavender in the Figuière vineyard

Julian Club Lavender at Figuiere Winery

Julian Club Lavender


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