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Summer at the Beach

From: Club Lavender


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Summer at the Beach Rosés


One sip of these Rosés and you immediately feel like being at a beautiful sunny and hot beach in the Mediterranean.

This box contains 6 bottles, each 0.75 l. 


Figuière Méditerranée Rosé 

One smell, one sip and you get beamed to the Mediterranean Sea!

This delicious Rosé is created by a pioneering Provence domaine of excellence. The family Combard is one of the ambassadors of a new generation of prestigious winemakers. 

You can smell notes of white flowers that then develop into white peach aromas. The palate expresses the velvety texture of citrus peel and the zestiness of an essential oil. Not mandarin, not lemon, not orange, more like kumquat. There's something astringent, green, tight and fresh.

For more information to this wine, click here: Figuière Méditerranée Rosé


Château Favori - Méditerranée Rosé BIO

Imagine you are sitting on the Favori Sailboat sailing to all the most beautiful beaches of the French Riviera from Cannes to Saint Tropez and sipping this amazing Rosé...

This Favori Rosé smells beautifully like the Provence: fruity, herbal with a fresh mediterranean breeze. Lively on the palate with a mineral depth that is exceptional. This Rosé keeps you deliciously refreshed on the sailboat and later at home on your terrace or Balcony! 

For more information to this wine, click here: Favori Méditerranée Rosé


Les Vignerons D'Aghione - Pinia  Rosé - Île de Beauté - Corsica

Between the Mediterranean Sea and mountains, nestled in the heart of magnificent landscapes with snow-capped peaks and white sandy beaches, the vineyard is located beautifully on the island of Corsica.

Known since Antiquity for their medicinal virtues and their sulfurous waters, “I Bagni di Puzzichellu” (The baths of Puzzichellu) have made the town of Aghione, on the eastern coast of Corsica, famous.

Founded in 1975, Cave des Vignerons d’Aghione is a wine cooperative, dedicated to the vinification of high quality wines.

This dry and light Rosé is made from 100% Sciaccarellu grapes that are native to Corsica. Aromas of Grapefruits, Mangos, Lychee and some hints of Pepper make this Rosé absolutely delicious.  

One sip of this Rosé and you are dreaming of a vacation on this beautiful Island of Corsica.

For more information to this wine, click here: Pinia Rosé 


Domaine De La Mongestine - Les Monges Rosé BIO

The Domaine De La Mongestine is located in the centre of the Provence-Verdon region, near the village of Artigues (north east of Aix-en-Provence). The Domaine stretches over a long hillside of 40 ha, surrounded by forests, with a total area of 120 ha and culminating at 450 m altitude. The altitude coupled with the northern exposure creates a unique microclimate in Provence. In summer, the nights are cool and the days sunny and warm. Winter is cold and harsh. These parameters provide a climate that is more northern than it's actual location.

Their biodynamic farming practices allow the estate to strengthen the natural vigor of the vines. A healthy and living grape (with its population of natural yeasts) enables a natural vinification.

The Les Monges Rosé is crystal clear and very light colored. You can smell fresh, fruity, subtle citrus aromas, mirabelle plum and white fruit flavors. In the mouth this Rosé is fresh with light citrus aromas, subtle apple flavors, and with a soft minerality. A fantastic light Rosé with surprising low alcohol for Provence standards.

For more information to this wine, click here: Domaine De La Mongestine - Les Monges Rosé BIO


Domaine de La Périnade - Tigre Rosé

Domaine de La Périnade is a family winery in the 7th generation. Located 10 km west of Carcassonne, the vineyard benefits from a Mediterranean climate with an oceanic influence.

The Périnade signature style is that there is only one grape varietal in their Rosé - 100 % Grenache. With this Rosé you can taste perfectly the delicious profile of Grenache combined with the unique terroir. 

Referenced by the Culinary College of France and rewarded with the quality producer and artisan label the Domaine stands for the commitment and passion.

This light Rosé has aromas of peach and melon. In your mouth you get long and fresh flavors, thirst-quenching with a nice creaminess linked to aging on lees. 

For more information to this wine, click here: Domaine de La Périnade


Château des Demoiselles - Charme des Demoiselles Rosé

Located in the Vallée des Esclans, the Côtes de Provence vineyard of Château des Demoiselles, in direct neighborhood to Château d'Esclans with its Whispering Angel Rosé.

Between freshness and fruitiness, Charme des Demoiselles cuvée will be the best choice for your summer meals with friends. You can smell and taste notes of yellow fruits like peach and melon. On the palate, there is a nice acid attack, lively but balanced. Beautiful light and fruity Rosé.

For more information to this wine, click here: Charme des Demoiselles Rosé

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