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Club Lavender Top 6

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Club Lavender Top 6 - 2023

At Club Lavender we love Rosé! :-)

Each season we look forward to tasting new Rosés to make sure we find the most delicious ones to add to our always expanding portfolio. Our mission is to offer our clients only the best Rosés in the world.

With over 100 carefully selected Rosés in the Club Lavender assortment, we also have some Rosés that are our absolute favorites. This inspired us to release every year an exclusive Top 6 list of our Rosé favorites of the season.


This box contains 6 bottles, each 0.75 l. 


Domaine de La Périnade - La Cuvée Renaissance Rosé

Domaine de La Périnade is a family winery in the 7th generation. Located 10 km west of Carcassonne, the vineyard benefits from a Mediterranean climate with an oceanic influence.

The Périnade signature style is that there is only one grape varietal in their Rosé - 100 % Grenache. With this Rosé you can taste perfectly the delicious profile of Grenache combined with the unique terroir. 

Referenced by the Culinary College of France and rewarded with the quality producer and artisan label the Domaine stands for the commitment and passion.

This light Rosé has aromas of red berries and melon. In your mouth you get long and fresh flavors, thirst-quenching with a nice creaminess linked to aging on lees. 

More information to this wine, click here: Domaine de La Périnade


Domaine De La Mongestine - Bob Singlar Rosé BIO

In the heart of the Provence-Verdon region, near the village of Artigues (north east of Aix-en-Provence), the Domaine De La Mongestine estate stretches over a long hillside of 40 ha, surrounded by forests, with a total area of 120 ha and culminating at 450 m altitude. The altitude coupled with the northern exposure creates a unique microclimate in Provence. In summer, the nights are cool and the days sunny and warm. Winter is cold and harsh. These parameters provide a climate that is more northern than it's actual location.

Their biodynamic farming practices allow the estate to strengthen the natural vigor of the vines. A healthy and living grape (with its population of natural yeasts) enables a natural vinification.

This unfiltered Rosé with minimal Sulfites, in some vintages no Sulfites at all is special. In your nose this wine is fruity, lively with citrus aromas and Mirabelle Plum nuances. On the palate, the Rosé is lively and refreshing, with a nice acidity. The fruity aromas extend into a long finish. A great Natural Wine from the Provence that is fun and delicious and with an incredible fair price value.

More information to this wine, click here: Domaine De La Mongestine - Bob Singlar Rosé


Gstaad Guy - Palais Constance Rosé 

Palais Constancifothe connoisseur, it ifothe person whdemands excellence - in every category of their lives. "Those who know, just know"

Each bottle of Palais Constance Rosé is a tribute to the art of winemaking and the natural beauty of Provence. It is made from AOP Côtes de Provence grapes grown on a single estate, carefully chosen from vines between 20 and 60 years old on a 400-year-old property. The varying soil types, elevations, and sun exposure on the estate allows to cultivate five different grape varieties used in Palais Constance Rosé.

Palais Constance Rosé is produced using the High Environmental Value (HVE) model, as they believe it is important to leave the environment in a better state for future generations, than how it was inherited.

At the winery, state-of-the-art wine making technology called ‘tri-optique’ is used which analyses each grape using lasers and cameras to ensure only the best grapes are selected.

This Rosé has aromas of fresh peach, grapefruit and exotic fruit with a touch of spice. The palate starts off silky then becomes robust, however still elegant and light and consistent with spicy Provencal perfumes. Delicious and truly excellent! 

More information to this wine, click here: Gstaad Guy - Palais Constance Rosé 

Château Favori Provence Rosé BIO

Château Favori lays on an altitude of 200 metres, in the heart of a forest in the Provence, shaped like a magnificent Amphitheater on precious groundwater that naturally hydrates the vines, even in case of prolonged drought. An ideal location for wine growing, attested for centuries, started by the Romans. 

This fantastic Provence Rosé is the result of a meticulous selection and was harvested between 4 and 6 o’clock in the morning.

You can smell persuasive notes of spring flowers and delicate red fruits like strawberry, raspberry and cherry. In your mouth a frank and fresh attack, floral with elegant fruit flavors again and with some finely peppery tonesA Rosé with a beautiful structurebalanced with a long luxurious finish that makes you want to have another sip instantly.

More information to this wine, click here: Château Favori Provence Rosé BIO


Château Pas Du Cerf Rosé BIO

Château Pas Du Cerf is surrounded by a forrest of old cork oaks and pines and lays beautifully in the area of "La Londe", the coastal area of the Provence, Château Pas du Cerf is a perle of nature. Still today deer are crossing the estate to go from hill to hill on their search for delicious herbs and fruits.

The Rosé "Cuvée Château" has a magnificent pale pink color with salmon reflections, clean and shiny. An intense nose with aromas of spices, citrus fruits, such as lemon and grapefruit, vine peach, all accompanied by notes of anise and acacia. The tasting is supple, perfectly coated by an airy freshness. The fresh finish is a pure expression of the estate's terroir.

More information to this wine, click here: Château Pas Du Cerf Rosé BIO


Château Léoube - Rosé de Léoube BIO

Just a stone's throw from Saint Tropez lies they Léoube Estate, one of the most beautiful protected sites in Europe and home to Château Léoube. Spread across four kilometers of coast line and 64 hectares of vines some of the best Rosés in the world are coming from here.

This elegant Rosé with scents of Mediterranean fruits and mint evoking the herbs that grow wild around the vineyards. You can literally taste the ocean with a sightly salty and mineral finish. The grapes for this Rosé are harvested by hand and the wine is at least six month on the lees for complex, delicious almost creamy flavors.

More information to this wine, click here: Château Léoube - Rosé de Léoube BIO

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