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Club Lavender Top 6 of 2022

Club Lavender Top 6 2022

At Club Lavender we love Rosé! :-)

Each season we look forward to tasting new Rosés to make sure we find the most delicious ones to add to our always expanding portfolio. Our mission is to offer our clients only the best Rosés in the world.

With over 100 carefully selected Rosés in the Club Lavender assortment, we also have some Rosés that are our absolute favorites. This inspired us to release every year an exclusive Top 6 list of our Rosé favorites of the season.

The Rosés included in our list are not in any specific order, as we love them all equally! Also important to mention is that besides the great Rosés we are also big fans of the people making these delicious wines and we are happy to have them as our beloved partners!


UP Ultimate Provence Rosé 

Mediterranean fruits, Lavender fields, Pine trees and the warming sun of the South… This is Ultimate Provence. This Rosé combines beauty and style with a perfectly crafted wine. This Rosé is each vintage pure Rosé perfection, a big compliment to the creator and winemaker Alexis Cornu. One of our all-time Favorites.

UP Ultimate Provence Rosé

Click here to learn more: UP Ultimate Provence Rosé


Château de la Gaude - Garance Rosé Bio

New in our Portfolio and we love it! Elegant and light but with a depth that is surprising. Multi-layered and with a very subtle fruit aroma. The minerality is the focus of this Rosé. The winery also serves this Rosé in their own 5-Star Boutique Hotel and in their 1-Star Michelin Restaurant. A delicious Gourmet Rosé for sure!

Château de la Gaude - Garance Rosé BIO

Click here to learn more: Château de la Gaude - Garance Rosé Bio


Maison Angelvin Sélection Saint-Tropez Rosé

This vintage of Maison Angelvin is a highlight in the Rosé World. Perfect to drink on a summer afternoon or while dreaming of your next vacation at the Côte d’Azur. Enjoy the scents of Citrus, Peach Aromas and of the Mediterranean Breeze. We also love that Maison Angelvin is a small family winery with heart and soul in the Rosé epic center of Saint Tropez.

Maison Angelvin Sélection St.Tropez Rosé

Click here to learn more: Maison Angelvin Sélection Saint-Tropez Rosé


Hampton Water Rosé

We recently met Gérard Bertrand, Jon Bon Jovi and his son Jesse, the creators of this fantastic Rosé in Paris. Although there is so much fame involved with the makers of this Rosé, we can promise the quality is absolut top of the pop. Aromas of apricots and red fruits, the perfect balance of lightness and flavors make this Rosé a star itself.

Hampton Water Rosé

 Click here to learn more: Hampton Water Rosé


Château Léoube – Rosé de Léoube

We had such a lovely time during our last visit to the Léoube winery. Roman Ott, the winemaker and genius behind the Rosé of Léoube took a whole day to show us around. We fell in love with Léoube and its location where the vines are directly touching the beach. You can taste this proximity to the Mediterranean as well as the trees, herbs and flowers surrounding the vineyard. Léoube Rosé features phenomenal scents of delicate fruits and a hint of mint.

Château Léoube - Rosé de Léoube BIO

 Click here to learn more: Château Léoube - Rosé de Léoube BIO



Château Favori – Mediterranée Rosé Bio

We are big Fans of the Favori team, their style and philosophy. This Rosé is a sensation in its price category. Bone dry and very gentle at the same time. Easy to drink but still very complex. The perfect “balcony and chill” Rosé but as well a fantastic Rosé to pair with spicy Asian Food or Pizza. A delicious minerality with just a hint of fruit in the end that makes you go for the next sip. An overall great Rosé and extremely versatile.

Château Favori - Méditerranée Rosé BIO

 Click here to learn more: Château Favori – Mediterranée Rosé Bio


Here is a discovery box containing all our CL Top 6 of 2022: Click Here

Club Lavender Top 6 2022


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