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Yacht Wine

Imagine you’re sitting on a beautiful yacht looking at a romantic bay with white beaches on the coast of Sardinia. Sipping on a delicious glass of wine... what kind wine would that be? For sure Rosé! :-)

Sitting on your boat feeling the warm and salty ocean breeze. There is nothing better than a glass of nicely chilled Rosé. It’s refreshing, light, fruity and animating. Today we wanted to recommend some perfect yacht Rosés for your dream summer in the Mediterranean. 

The perfect Yacht Rosé for your daytime enjoyment is the Whispering Angel from Chateau d'Esclans. It’s smooth and round with little red fruit and flower notes. This wine just shouts out elegance! The beautiful bottle shape in your wine cooler brings the necessary style you seek for your summer boat vacation. Take a sip and jump in the water for a little swim!

Another classic yacht wine is the Minuty Rosé et Or. Best quality and pure Rosé sophistication come with this Provence Rosé from its famous winery on the hills of Saint Tropez. Notes of Pink Grapefruit and white peach will animate your palate for more. 

In the early evening after you’ve showered off the sea salt it’s time to celebrate with a glass of Bollinger Rosé Champagne! The delicate bubbles in combination with the graceful flavors of red currant, cherry and wild strawberry will make this Champagne the perfect drink for this memorable moment. Drink & enjoy watching the sunset with all its bright pink and orange colors.

Dinner time! Lobster, Scallops and delicious fresh caught fish are waiting for an equivalent noble wine to pair. This is the right time to open a bottle of Garrus! With its fine aromatic and delicate flavors that are highlighted with subtle oak flavors, the “Greatest Rosé ever” (98/100 James Suckling), rounds up your perfect day on your yacht.

Are you more the classic kind of yacht owner with a beautiful sailing boat? Do you prefer the timeless elegance of everlasting traditional beauty? Then we recommend to drink one of the Domaine Ott Rosés! For lunch or afternoon time take the Clos Mireille which is “the” traditional Provence Rosé. Then switch in the evening to the Château Romassan from Bandol with its fuller body the perfect Rosé for a summer sailboat dinner!

If you are looking for a perfect selection of Yacht Wines, we prepared a box for you: Yacht Wine Box

Enjoy your summer!




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